an expression of gratitude

I enjoyed the song you played that night



I'm just tired over everything
I want it to get over and done with



1.46 am and I'm still doing my assignment.
gosh. Maybe going to batam this weekend
and another trip to batam on 1st of June.
Let's see what can I get there
I do think I badly need a massage.


I am the autobot

my daily schedule mainly comprises of these


lol I need a life.


ok hints of update

I've been busy with school, work and other stuffs.
my laptop didn't do me any good either, it keeps failing on me.
a sign for a change? maybe.
anyway the E63 has become my latest handy gadget. lol

ok a bit of update from the borrowed G9

the gadget

employee benefits. lol.



ok I'm officially tired of things that have been going around me.
I'm really hoping that things will get better soon


L.E.S Artistes, Santogold

she's my current earwax. She was in the converse ad too. enjoyyy

What I'm searching for
to tell it straight, I'm trying to build a wall
Walking by myself
down avenues that reek of time to kill
If you see me keep going
be a pass by waver
Build me up, bring me down
just leave me out you name dropper
Stop trying to catch my eye
I see you good you forced faker
Just make it easy
You're my enemy you fast talker

I can say I hope it will be worth what I give up
If I could stand up mean for the things that I believe

What am I here for
I left my home to disappear is all
I'm here for myself
Not to know you
I don't need no one else
Fit in so good the hope is that you cannot see me later
You don't know me
I am an introvert an excavator
I'm duckin' out for now
a face in dodgy elevators
Creep up and suddenly
I found myself
an innovator

Change, change, change,
I want to get up out of my skin
tell you what
if I can shake it
I'm 'a make this
something worth dreaming of


Post biz law exam.

haha bored tired hungry stressed so.....
we went to IKEA @ alexandra.
talking about randomness....
all photos taken using the E63, so...

I've always loved ikea.

the partner in crime, Putra. LOL!

his food, sweddish meat balls.

me me me me!

baked chicken with coleslaw salad and mashed potatoes

and now it's time to go back studying before my freedom comes on saturday

woot woot

ok so erm no update for I don't know how long. tsk.
my laptop were infected with some kind of virus that it actually cleared out my hard disk, my external hard disk, my memory card and everything else like 2 days before the exam week.
how cool is that.

anyway on the brighter side, I bought a new phone
ok lah. not as expensive as E71, but I go more for functionality
and tighter budget as I'm paying the phone myself.

By the way, the picture doesn't do justice. It's uber cool in the real life =)

and I'm in love...
with who with who?
obama's dog
any kind hearted soul out there, would u like to buy me one?


I will update this. Later


My only one - Mocca

we had a fight last night
and i called him mad
makes me feel so sad
and i'm so ashamed

he's my only one
i give him all my love
even though my mom says no!
i just go on and on...

no one's gonna take him away from me..

everyday and everynight
i just wanna hold him tight
and make sure that everything stays right
and everyday and every night
to dream of him is my delight and know that
he'll stay with me all the way

I just love this song
good lyrics


Better Off As Two

Frankmusik, another brilliant musician from Britain
I like the lyric also

I’m sorry but did I never mention
I’m better off with you
‘Coz now I think it’s time that you understood
We’re better off as two

Ever since we met we’ve never been too clear
All our insecurities turn up in all our fears
And how we’ve tried to make our problems disappear
Never searching hard enough to find only more tears

That’s why we are bound
The reason we are joined
Coz we are always trying to be strongest
At our weakest points

I’m sorry but did I never mention
I’m better off with you
‘Coz now I think it’s time that you understood
We’re better off as two

I know it gets too much sometimes
When we’re both not in tune
Singing to a different song, breaking us both in two
Then we start again
All the mistakes that we’ve made
Now we work in harmony with notes that never stray

‘Coz we are always trying to be
Strongest at our weakest points

I’m sorry but did I never mention
I’m better off with you (better off with you)
‘Cause now I think it’s time that you understood
We’re better off as two

Limiting ourselves has never worked too well
Boundaries never kept but always making more, but still
We have made it far in the space of time
Being on our own won’t work so why not just be mine

I’m sorry but did I never mention
I’m better off with you
‘Coz now I think it’s time that you understood
We’re better off as two

I’m sorry but did I never mention
I’m better off with you
‘Coz now I think it’s time that you understood
We’re better off as two


little wonders

I wonder whether I get into the right university
I wonder whether I get into the right faculty

I wonder whether I can survive
I just wonder...


laggy photo update!!!

went with Teguh to maxwell around last week and I should say that we had a feast!!!! and it's like erm cheap? I think I kinda got hit by the economic recession too. Must cook more often

the yang chow fried rice I had

ROJAK!!! not that spicy though =(((

the sexy chocolate ice kachang!!

my honeydew milk curd. it only cost me $1.30. super omg!

this is one of my fave space!

my friend, teguh =))



I think I'm too tired
or too saturated?

this week is supposedly my resting week
planned to go to Bkk, etc.
but instead of that I had this art production
very very very very energy-draining

I am under the logistic, welfare, and transportation departments
my job description: take food when boss call me and ask me to do so and try to transport it with minimum cost or bear the cost of the taxi for the mean time [they will repay-me post production]
my team is rather small, since we're covering 3 departments
and we're like helping the props, especially for the backstage-ing
and I'm supposed to help the documentation people but they canceled super last minute
this is a good thing, I finally managed to rest a bit

yesterday was a chaos
was in smu at 7 AM
moving props to the truck until 8.30
moving props into the hall until 10
went back to smu to take lunch 10.30
arrived back in dbs auditorium 11.40
then run to tanjong pagar mrt for a train to pasir ris
arrived in pasir ris 12.20
had a meeting until around 2
went back to city hall for a short kopi session until around 4.30
go cathay take food at 5.00
back to dbs and waited until erm 11.35
then suppering session until 00.40
arrived back home at 00.55
I only managed to sleep at erm around 2?
and around 7 am somebody called me already

and tonight I still need to be in dbs
any takers?
I'll give u free ticket just sit with me and talk while watch the show

I think I need to put on my shades, and my weekend clothes, order a coffee and sit on a very nice cafe a stone throw from home

wish me luck



no, it's not a name of the firm
was taking some piccies earlier today
then I just realized how different my looks can be

the more serious front I always display during class, work, or anything formal although I look very very very much sleepy

the err other front I display most of time. LOL

I stopped a point
tried to reflect back
what did I do wrong?

I've been on a high alert since January
easily frustrated and agitated.
blaming the stress and the pressure
but one will never grow up with the blaming game

7 weeks have passed
I'm still on a shaky ground
wanted to jump
can I?

I'm asking myself


Oli's bday

Oli's 20 bday @ manhattan fish market
p.i.c = jun qi, hui leng and me

manhattan fish market. I think it's quite nice

hui leng

jun qi

this was a gift from hui leng. I'm the frog, that's why

jun qi with his pirate cum moustache

birthday girl! happy birthday

something nice I took when I walked back home from ps


moi much?

hahaha got this funny link from a friend
u should try it

so basically it's like ur personality
quite cute

this is mine and I think it's 99% true

You are Blue Wolf, who is open, cheerful and a carefree type of person.
hehehe true =)

You possess very original atmosphere, and do not like to adjust yourself to others.
this one damn true lor. I don't see how can I fit into the puzzle but how the puzzle might fit me in

You prefer to act on your own and as you like it.
true! act first think later. haha

Therefore, at first people think you as a cool person, but once they get to know you, and trust is born, they will understand your good sense of humor and a friendly nature.
quite true. I think most of my friend will agree on this =)

You tend to be indifferent and candid to opposite sex as well, so men think you as very bold woman.
I say what's in my mind. anyway. the bold part. hahaha. blackberry bold ah? I want

But you are actually a soft hearted person.
this is so true. err just say please then I will melt

You have no thought of depending on others.
true. maybe my parents taught me so since I was 4

You believe other people are other, you are you.
water won't mix with oil =)

And will go on living your own way.
this is rather true. I don't really care what ppl say

You will not be influenced by emotions.
as I said earlier today, I'm more to objective rather than subjective

You are true to your life as well.
yea lar. I think I fat so I say I am fat

Because you tend to be indifferent to the people and situation around you, you give an impression of being thoughtless person.
yea lar I look so bohcap. seriously. or more to blur?

But once asked to do something, you will carry it out by putting in ever effort you possess.

You are very responsible person.
most of the times, yeah

You tend to change your mind quickly.
true!!!!! omg I paiseh liao

And because you like changes, people think you as temperamental.
err I dont know what ppl see me as

You have great energy to be able to carry out many things at once, and even if you are busy, once you set your mind, you will definitely carry it out.
true! I'm the energizer bunny. hahaha. I'm a goal oriented person

You are unique type of woman.
erm yeay?

You take time to find the best romance.

You look for honest person, and would act cautiously towards them.
this one not really true. I easily trust ppl. =.=

When you get married, you will be good at carrying out housework, and will be able to create a happy family.
HOUSEWORK IS JUST NOT MY THING. HOW AH? but I like interior designing. haha